Thursday, 18 February 2016

Explained: EccSinglebitErrors and EccMultibitErrors in CISCO UCS Blade Servers

However there are lots of architectural differences in memory errors EccSinglebitErrors and EccMultibitErrors, the most logical difference is as below:

EccSinglebitErrors: These errors are also known as correctable errors which means if you will swap the  memory encountered with this error with another healthy memory in the same blade server, the erroneous memory will become healthy. But if the error counts are huge in number, then it may not work sometime by swapping it.
In this scenario, you have to replace the memory module with new one.

EccMultibitErrors: These errors are also known as non-correctable or in-correctable  errors which means there is no way to solve this error at your end. Even a Single Multibit error is indication of it's hardware fault and it will be resolved only after replacement of DIMM(as per my working experience on such issues with CISCO Tech support).

It looks like below:

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