Sunday, 6 March 2016

How to disable/hide File>Options>Mail>Fonts and Stationery in Outlook 2010 With The Help Of Group Policy?

This time I am not giving solution but asking for your help in having some solution to one of my complicated problem.

Guys anyone know "How to disable/hide File>Options>Mail>Fonts and Stationery  in Outlook 2010 with the help of Group Policy?". I tried searching for policy ID for this Stationery and Font option but was not able to see any policy ID for this.
I tried number of KBs where people are only suggesting the way to disable "Stationery and Fonts" when composing mails but my requirement is to disable the "Stationery and Font" button which comes under Outlook>File>Options>Mail. I have highlighted the feature below in screenshot:

Somewhere I found that the below ID reference can work for it, but when I tried It did not worked for me..

The ID for More Stationery command is 5611. The Options | Mail | Stationery and Fonts button ID is3766.

If you have any solution to this, please write me back on the comment box..I have posted this query on  Microsoft Technet forum but there is no answer till now.. :) :(

Updated: 30/05/2017
I know its bit late to update but guys, I would suggest you to check the license type of MS office software you are using. This kind of behaviours are observed with Standard or Home edition license types of MS office as these license types are not fully supported by AD group policies.

Cheers, Please write me back if you have any query of feedback on this..

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