Monday, 27 June 2016

Hardware tab is missing from MBAM admin console.

Or, How to enable Hardware tab in MBAM admin console?
Or, Hardware Tab (missing) in MBAM Console.

Most likely it’s because, you have not integrated SCCM with MBAM server. Once you have the SCCM server integrated with MBAM server, you would be able to see the Hardware tab in MBAM admin console.

This is how MBAM console looks like if you don’t have MBAM Server integrated with SCCM Server.

If you have SCCM integrated with your MBAM server and still not able to see the hardware tab in MBAM admin console, either you are accessing wrong console or there is something wrong with your MBAM configurations and deployments.

Please refer the technet KB given below (thanks to MS Technet Forum):

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