Saturday, 11 June 2016

How to backup ManageEngine Op Manager?

Or, How to take backup of ManageEngine Op Manager?

Don't know why ManageEngine is not developing the way to schedule and take automated backup of monitoring tools like, OPManager and App Manager. It has always been a pain area to take backup of these applications manually every time.

Anyways, below are the steps that I have already followed to take backup of my OpManager application.

1. Stop the OpManager service.
2. Rename the logs to logs-old under the OpManager Installation Home directory.
3. On the Op Manager Server open CMD as administrator privileges (do open CMD run as Administrator):
4. Wait for backup to be completed

5. Copy the output file from directory: OpManagerInstallationDirectory\ working\backup

Good Luck, please write me back if you have any query or feedback..

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