Wednesday 29 June 2016

Importing OVF or OVA template in VMware vSphere.

Or, How to import OVF or OVA template in VMware vSphere?

There are very minor difference between the way of importing OVF templates using vSphere Web Client and vSphere Traditional Client. Both are given below for your easy reference.

Using vSphere Web Client:

1. Login to vSphere Web Console > Go to Home > Click on VMs and Templates

2. Browse to your Virtual Datacenter > Go to Action Menu > Click on Deploy OVF Template

3. Select Local (if you have the OVF file locally available) > Click on Browse

4. Select the OVA or OVF template file > Click on Open

5. Now Click on Next

6. Click on Next

7. Follow other process as per the below screenshot, its kind of saying next and next that it.. Just you have to be careful while selecting Datastore and ESXi host.

Using vSphere Traditional Client:

“Deploy OVF Template” option can be found in vSphere Client’s File Menu. Rest of the process will be same like Selecting OVF Templates, Browsing local computer etc…

Cheers, Please write me back if you need any clarification on this..

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