Sunday, 26 June 2016

Kaspersky Endpoint Security error “database is corrupted”

Troubleshooting Steps-

1. Open Services (In Run command line type: services.msc) (If on your own pc, you can  check the pc in question by clicking “Action”, then “Connect to another computer…”,  then typing in the computer name of the pc you want to check).
2. Check both Kaspersky Endpoint Security Service and Kaspersky Lab Network Agent are  running .(Stop here if it works else follow the next step)
3. Go to Event viewer to Check for corrupted file in Kaspersky.
4. Delete corrupted files found in Kaspersky event viewer. (When deleting the corrupted    files, also delete the backup files with the similar name. It will start with a “~” before the  file name.
5. Verify that you have deleted all of the corrupted files.
6. Clear Kaspersky Event Log by Right clicking Kaspersky Event Log, click Clear Log…
7. Restart the Kaspersky services
8. Wait. The deleted corrupted files will be rebuilt immediately. However, updates runs automatically every hour(approximately). 

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