Saturday, 2 July 2016

How to increase Disk/Drive space of a running Virtual Machine, in VMware?

Or, How to increase Drive space of a Virtual Machine in VMware without Reboot/Restart?
Or, How to extend/increase Disk size in windows computers?

Scenario: This is common situation for every system administrator. Here in my case, Drive E:\ of one of the server is running with low disk space and I want to increase the Disk space of affected drive but don’t want to reboot my server anyways.

Below is the screenshot of the situation (E:\ drive running with low disk space).

Steps (Resolution):
1. Login to vSphere Client > Right Click on the VM you want > Go to Edit Settings

2. Select the Virtual Disk which is running with Low Disk Space > Increase the Provisioned Size value to maximum capacity you want to add in the exiting Disk space

Now Login to the machine and extend the drive space by using Disk Management Console:
3. Go to RUN > type diskmgmt.msc > Hit Enter

4. If not able to see the unallocated space in front of the drive you have increased capacity for, Click in Refresh button as shown in below screenshot.

5. After Clicking on Refresh button, you will be able to see the unallocated space like shown in below screenshot.

6. Right Click on the used capacity area of the disk > Click on Extend Volume

7. Click Next

8. Select the total Disk Space > Click Next

9. Click Finish

Result Verification:
10. Explore Computer > You will be able to see the increased disk space has been added in the drive.

Cheers, please write me back if you have any query of feedback on this.

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