Wednesday, 6 July 2016

How to install Active Directory in Windows 2012 Server?

Or, How to commission Domain Controller in Windows server 2012?
Or, How to install Domain Controller Services in Windows server 2012?
Or, Step by step installation instruction of Active Directory in Windows Server 2012.

In Previous version of windows server’s “dcpromo” command was being used to install Active Directory Services. Now Microsoft has done some changes in Active Directory Services installation process, this service can be installed from Roles and Features tab of Server Manager console.
Steps (Active Directory Installation and Configurations):

1. Open Server manager and go to “Manage” and click on “Add roles n Features” or Go to Quick start and click on “Add roles n Features”.

2. Click on “Next”,
Note – Check Destination Server Hostname (It should be same hostname always where you want install Domain Controller).

3. Select “Role-based or feature-based Installation” and Click “Next”

4. Select the server hostname and click on “Next”

5. Select Active Directory Domain Services and Click on Next.

6. Now wizard will ask to add recommended Feature for Active Directory Domain Services. So Click on “Add Feature “, After Click on “Next”.

7. Click on “Next

8. Click on “Next

9. We can do manual reboot also its not mandatory So leave reboot option and Click on “Install”.

10. Installation progress windows, It will take few minutes to complete the installation.

11. Click on “close”, Once setup is completed.

12. Now go to server manager and click on yellow flag for configuration on Domain Controller.

13. Click on Promote server as a domain controller

14. If you have existing domain available, then Select “Add a domain Controller to an Existing Domain” and select the “available domain” and then click on “Install” tab.

15. Or if you are installing first domain or New Forest click on “add a New forest”. And give your domain name. then click on “Next
Note -  Install Tab will not be highlighted yet.

16. Select forest n Domain Functional Levels. Give DSRM Password. (Will help in AD restoration).

17. Click on “Next

18. Verify NetBIOS name and Click on “Next”

19. Database Store path will be directed to default path, If you wish to save on another location, you can browse the path and save it.

20. Review your configuration for Domain Controller Configuration Very Carefully.

21. All perquisite should be clear and then click on install. after installation will begin. Reboot will occur upon completion.

That's it.. Please wait for installation to be completed, leave it uninterrupted and you are done.

Hope it helped you, please write me back if you have any query or feedback on this.

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