Thursday, 28 July 2016

What is LDAP Session in Active Directory?

Or, LDAP client sessions limit reached, OPManager DC monitoring alert.
Or, What should be the threshold or session limit for LDAP sessions occurs in Active Directory?

This is a very commonly known and a useful NTDS object counter for Monitoring Active Directory running sessions, which Indicates the total number connected LDAP session by various LDAP clients.

The good way to avoid/ignore this kind of alert, is to configure your monitoring tool to not send any email alert even if the session counters reached to 500-600 or the number of clients that you may have.

YOU NOT NEED TO WORRY: As such there is no specific limit in number for LDAP client’s sessions. The only thing you should care about this is, when the number of clients increased, the number of session will be increased and when the number of session increases, the load on the server increases accordingly.

So, by monitoring these session values, you can actually identify when your almost clients are connected to active directory to have some idea about peak hrs utilization, server resources utilization reasons, CPU/Memory spike for some time duration etc.

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