Tuesday, 2 August 2016

How to disable TPM in BIOS (Acer TMP 257 M-521)?

Or, Error while enabling BitLocker in Windows 10 Acer laptop “the Bitlocker encryption key cannot be obtained from the trusted platform module (tpm)”.
Or, Enable Trusted Platform Module (TPM) option is grayed out in BIOS – Acer TMP 257-M-521.
Or, BitLocker encryption asking for PIN instead of password while enabling BitLocker Encryption.
Or, How to force BitLocker to use Password instead of PIN?

Error Message Details:
Bitlocker could not be enabled 
The Bitlocker encryption key cannot be obtained. Verify that the Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is enabled and ownership has been taken. If this computer does not have a TPM, verify that the USB drive is inserted and available.
C: was not encrypted.

Some of the articles suggested to go to tpm.msc > go to action > Turn off TPM from there. and the most frustrating thing was, there was no option available there to Turn off or Turn on TPM from this action menu. Tried everything like, gpedit.msc to bypass TPM, Clear TPM, Change Owner Password from TPM management page etc. nothing worked.  L

One thing more, this is one culprit which was forcing me to enter TPIN instead of BitLocker startup password while enabling Bitlocker on my laptop with Windows 10 OS.

What Worked well?
If you want to disable TPM completely for your computer, you should do it from BIOS. In My case, I am using Acer TMP 257.

To disable TPM from BIOS of “Acer TMP 257” laptop, please follow below steps.

Steps: Reboot your PC > On the booting screen, press F2 to enter in BIOS > Go to Security tab > Set Supervisor Password

Now Go to Change TPM (TCM) State: > Hit Enter > Select Disable

Again go to “Set Supervisor Password” > Hit Enter > Enter your current password > Leave other fields blank and Hit Enter > Reboot your laptop and you are done with Disabling TPM from BIOS of your acer laptop.

Now you can proceed with enabling BitLocker with password configurations.


  1. What is another option? We do not wish to set a Supervisor password.

    1. Hello, Thanks for writing back.. In real we are not setting up Supervisor password as on the last step we are just clearing the password and rebooting the machine.

      This is just a tricky workaround to disable TPM from BIOS.

      This is the only available workaround suggested by TechiesSphere which is tested and implemented efficiently..

  2. Khi xóa tpm khỏi bios, có chỉnh được chế độ legacy cho laptop ko ?

    1. Sure, You can try after saving the setting of BIOS.

  3. Does not work for Acer Aspire 5 A515-45 .
    When enter blank password on both new password fields it says ”Password do not match”