Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Multiple ways of exporting Virtual Machines list to a file - VMware!

Or, How to export the list of all VMware Virtual Machines?
Or, Export all Virtual Machines to an excel, csv or text file.
Or, vSphere Web Client: Exporting Virtual Machines List

There are number of ways to export the list of Virtual Machines to an Excel or Text file. I am going to show you the few easiest methods of doing this. If you love GUI, you can use VMware vSphere Traditional Client or VMware vSphere Web Client and if you are a command line lover, you can use VMware vSphere PowerCLI.

Method-1: Exporting Virtual Machines List Using VMware vSphere Traditional Client
Login to your vCenter Server using VMware vSphere Traditional Client > Select your vCenter Server > Navigate to Virtual Machines tab

Go to File option > Select Export > Click on Export List…

Give a friendly File name > Choose a File Type and Save the files at desired folder path.

Method-2: Exporting Virtual Machines List Using VMware vSphere Web Client
Login to VMware vSphere Web Client > Go to your Cluster > Go to Virtual Machines Tab > Scroll down the window till bottom of the vSphere page > Click on the arrow sign as highlighted in the below screenshot.

Select one or multiple objects or select all objects depending on your requirements > Click on “Generate CSV Report” > Wait for “Save” button to be highlighted > Click on Save and Save the report at desired destination path.

Method-3: Exporting Virtual Machines List Using VMware vSphere PowerCLI
Open VMware vSphere PowerCLI > Connect with your vCenter Server >Once connected, on the command prompt type Get-VM | Export-Csv -path "d:\test.csv" > Press Enter to execute the command > Wait for the command to be completed successfully > Go to your destination folder path, here should be having your VMs inventory in a CSV file.

Note: - You can change the destination path to any convenient path you need. In my case, I have taken it as D:\ drive and file name is test.csv.


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  3. Is there a way to export a list of VMs using web client 6.5? Or is this another case where they have taken away a useful tool...

    1. Hey, Thanks for writing in.. This must there still.. Navigate through of the cluster and see if the export button/icon is available there.. If still not sure how to find it, refer the screenshot in this article or provide me your cluster's screenshot with Virtual machine tab selection.. I may be able to help you then..