Sunday 2 October 2016

How to export all mailboxes with usage size details in Office365 Server?

Or, PowerShell command to export all user’s mailboxes with used size details in Office365 server.

Descriptions:  Guys, I am going to show you the way of exporting all mailboxes from your Office365 server containing used size details of all mailboxes. You may need to do some formatting in excel/csv file after exporting the details as per your requirement and convenient.
First of all, you need to connect to Office365 server PowerShell Admin Console. Once you are connected, you can run the below command on PowerShell window to get the results you need as explained above.

Don’t know how to connect to the Office365 Server PowerShell window, please read my another article to know “How to connect Office 365 Server PowerShell admin console?".

Steps (Exporting Mailboxes):
Login to Office365 Server Admin PowerShell Console with administrative rights. Click here for steps of connecting to Office365 PowerShell.

Once you are connected to Office365 PowerShell consoleRun below command to get the mailbox size details.
get-mailbox | get-mailboxstatistics | select DisplayName,ItemCount,TotalItemSize | export-csv "D:\temp\MailboxSizes.csv"
Reference Screenshot of command execution:

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