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Installing vCenter Server Appliance step by step instructions

Or, How to install vCenter appliance 6.0?
Or, vCenter server appliance 6.0 installation steps
Or, Installation and configuration of vCenter server appliance

Descriptions: VMware vCenter Server appliance is a step towards making you worry free with too many limitations, management challenges, and licensing, compare to windows based vCenter server, where you have to have a Windows Server, then vCenter installed on it, OS licenses, SQL licenses or SQL express with very less supported capacity of VM instances and ESXi hosts in a cluster etc..

Installation of vCenter server appliance is very easy compare to Windows based vCenter server installation. Yes, we are going to see the installation steps one by one in this article.

IMP Perquisites:
1. vCenter Server Appliance Setup ISO image (its VMware-VCSA-all-6.0.0-5202527.ISO in my case).
2. VMware Client Integration Plugin Installed on your local machines from where you are willing to initiate the installation
3. Administrative access of any of the ESXi host or old vCenter server if any
4. A New IP with all subnets details that you will be assigning to this vCenter appliance
5. DNS Servers Details

Note: Before proceeding with installation, you have to install client integration plugin on the local machine from where you are willing to initiate the installation or execute the setup file. Yes, you got it right… The installation will be executed from your local machine but it will install the appliance on any of the ESXi host or existing vCenter server that you will specify during installation. Let’s see how?

Steps: Installing VMware client integration plugin on local machine

Download the VMware Client Integration Plugin; it may look like below one:

Install this plugin on your local machine

Once the installation of this plugin is completed, you may proceed with vCenter appliance installation.

Steps: Installing vCenter Server Appliance

Right click on the ISO image you downloaded from VMware download centre > Click on Mount

Double click on vcsa-setup file to start the installation process

Click on Allow if prompted

Click in Install

Check on I accept the terms of the license agreement > Click Next

Select the Datacenter > Click Next

Provide required credentials and IP/Name details of your existing vCenter server or any of the ESXi host (in my case, I am using my existing vCenter Server IP and credentials)> Click on Next

Select any of the ESXi Host > Click Next

Provide Appliance Name and Root password details that you wish to have for new vCenter Server Appliance > Click Next

Select the deployment type you wish (in my case, I am going with “Install vCenter Server with an Embedded Platform Service Controller” option) > Click Next

Select Create a new SSO domain > Click Next

Provide all the required details and Click on Next

Select the Appliance Size as per your requirement

Select the Appliance Size and Click Next

Select the Datastore where you want to keep this Appliance > Click Next

Check on Use an embedded database (PostgreSQL) > Click Next

Fill in the required details and click Next

Click Next

Click on Finish to start the Installation

Wait for the installation to be completed, it may take approx. 30 minutes or more..

Installation completed, now you can access your vCenter server appliance with the URL given in the completion windows.

You can use user name as admnistrator@vsphere.local and password that you had specified while installation.

Want to know how to do initial configuration of vCenter server e.g. AD integration, SSO configurations ?? Please see my another Article vCenter server appliance AD integration and SSO configurations

Cheers, please write me back if you have any query of feedback.

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