Sunday 7 May 2017

How to update vCenter server appliance

Or, Update vCenter appliance 6.0 update 3a to 6.0 update 3b
Or, Upgrading vCenter server appliance

Descriptions: Updating vCenter server appliance is very easy if you are on vCenter server appliance version 6.0 and above. In vCenter server appliance you have two consoles one is vCenter server management console that you know as vSphere web client and another is vCenter server maintenance console that is also knows as root console.

To perform update of vCenter server appliance, you need to login with root credentials on maintenance or root console or Appliance Management User Interface of vCenter server appliance.

1. Root credentials of vCenter server appliance
2. At least 1 hrs of downtime of vCenter server
3. Basic knowledge of vCenter components
4. Internet connectivity on vCenter server appliance (required when checking for update online)
5. Appliance management user interface URL accessible https://<FQDN-or-IP>:5480

Steps: updating vCenter server appliance

Open Maintenance console of vCenter server (https://<FQDN-or-IP>:5480) > Login with root credentials

Go to Update option

Click on Check Updates (select check URL)

Wait for update check to be completed > Once updates are visible under Available Updates section > Click on Install Updates

Accept the license terms and condition > Click on Install

Wait for installation to be completed

Upon successful completion of updates installation, click OK

Now the reboot of vCenter server appliance will be initiated > Wait for reboot to be completed

Login back to maintenance console and verify the Update Version, it must have changed to the latest selected version you had selected while performing update

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