Wednesday 20 September 2017

Export O365 mailboxes with last modified date

Or, PowerShell command to export O365 user’s mailboxes with last modified or last updated date
Or, Export mailboxes with last updated/modified date

Descriptions: If you are looking for a simplest way of exporting all users’ mailboxes with last modified or updated date, this article is for you. You can use Azure PowerShell command to export the mailboxes with last modified date.

Login to O365 server using PowerShell Administrative privileges, To know how to connect O365 server PowerShell administrative console you may check below article

Run below command to get the report:
Get-Mailbox | select displayname,whencreated,whenchanged | export-csv d:\temp\userdetails.csv

You can change the export folder path if you have different one.

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