Saturday 20 June 2020

How to map a Network Drive in Windows 10?

Mapping shared folder as a network drive in windows 10.

To map a shared folder as a network drive in windows 10 operating systems, you may follow the steps given below:-

Press Windows+E key to open "Computer" where all drives and partitions exists

Click on ‘This PC

On the top of the windows you can see "Map Network Drive" Icon as shown in below given screenshot:

Click on ‘Map Network Drive

Once you click on "Map Network Drive", a Pop-up window will appear and it will prompt you to give the shared folder path of the network location/folder which you want to map as a network drive in your computer.

Feed in the Folder path details and click on Finish

Now you are done with mapping network drive for your Windows 10 computer. You can see the network mapped drive in your "Computer" along with other local drives.


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