Tuesday, 9 June 2020

How to perform email trace in G Suite Admin console?


To perform Email trace in Google’s G Suite Admin Console, you may follow the steps given below.


Login to G Suite Admin Portal https://admin.google.com/?hl=en

Go to Google App Menu > Click on Admin

On the Admin Console, Click on Reports

On the left slider, scroll down and click on Email Log Search

Now, fill in the details (any one or multiple options), and click on Search

Sender: You can feed sender email address here

Recipients: You can feed in recipient email address here

Subject: You can specify the email Subject line here

Message ID: You can feed in message ID that you get in email header (or by clicking on ‘show original’ option in particular email you want to perform the search operation for.


Note: You can choose to feed any one Email Log Search criteria, or you can feed multiple search criteria if you need, to get the logs you are looking for.

Further, you would be having options to expand the email delivery details and track further details (e.g. in which folder the email was moved after delivery to the user’s mailbox etc..).


Cheers! Please write me back if you have any query or feedback on this.

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