Tuesday, 16 February 2016

How To Import ESXi Images in vSphere For Upgrading ESXi Hosts Using Update Manager?

Or, How To Import ESXi Image in vSphere For Creating Upgrade Baseline Images?

Imp Note: Login to your vSphere Client from the machine where you already have Update Manager plugin installed. If not sure about this, please login to vCenter Server and access vSphere client from there.

Lets Start with Importing ESXi server .iso Image now.

Steps To Follow:

1. Go to Update Manager > Admin View

2. Go to  ESXi Images > Import ESXi Images

3. Got to Browse >  Select appropriate ESXi .iso Image > Click on Next

4. Wait for ESXi Image to be be uploaded successfully > Click on Next

5. Give Baseline Image Name > Write a short Description(Not Necessary) > Click on Finish

6. That’s it, Your ESXi image has been imported successfully. It should appear similar to the below reference in screenshot.

Cheers!!!! You are done with Importing/Preparing ESXi Image in vSphere 6.0.

If you have any query/suggestion, please write me on comment box..

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