Sunday, 14 February 2016

How to Upgrade ESXi Hosts Using VMware vSphere Update Manager?

Or, How to use VMware Update Manager to upgrade ESXi Servers?

Imp Note: : I assume that you already have a baseline image created with latest ESXi package. If not, please create a baseline image first before proceeding with the steps given below.


1. Login to your vSphere client from a machine where you have already installed the update manager plugins. If not sure about it, login to vSphere client from vCenter Server.

2. Enter ESXi host in maintenance mode

3Click on “Update Manager” as shown in below screenshot.

4.  Click on “Attach” > Select your ESXi upgrade base line under “Upgrade Baselines” option > Click on “Attach” to attach the base line image to ESXi host. Reference screenshot is given below.

5. After attaching the baseline image, the update manager windows should like below highlighted screenshot.
You can see that the ESXi host, for which you have selected the baseline image to upgrade, is appearing as unknown in right side “Host Compliance” section. It should either appear compliant or non-compliant.

6. Click on “Scan” > Check mark on “Upgrades” on the pop-up window > Click on “Scan” again as highlighted in below screenshot.

7. Now the “scan entity” process will be initiated to check the compliance status of the selected ESXi host. Please wait for this scan to be completed. You can monitor the “Recent Tasks” section on vSphere client for scan completion percentage as shown in below screenshot.

8. Once the scan is completed, your selected ESXi host will be appearing as “Non-Compliant” as highlighted in below screenshot. Please verify it and proceed to next step.

9. Now follow the Remediation process to initiate the ESXi server upgrade as shown in below screenshots (Please refer the steps highlighted in numbers 1,2,3 etc..)

10. Remediate task is going to take approx 20-40 minutes (can deffer), Once the Remediate task is completed, you can see the host status. Its now appearing as Compliant and the build version of ESXi host has also been changed.
Finally, you are done with upgrading your ESXi host using VMware update manager. You may verify your ESXi host health status before bringing it back to production cluster.

Cheers guys, please write me if you have any feedback or suggestion about this post..

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