Saturday, 27 February 2016

What is difference between ESX and ESXi servers in VMware?

Or, Understanding technical difference between ESX and ESXi server.

ESX Server: ESX stands for Elastic Sky X. ESX server is VMware hypervisor platform which runs using console operating system. In ESX, VMkernel is the virtualization kernel which is managed by a console operating system. This console operating system is known as Service Console.
Any management agents or third party agents are installed on Service Console in ESX servers. In ESXi server environment, any host processes runs on Service Console.

ESXi Server: ESXi stands for Elastic Sky X integrated.  This is also as VMware hypervisor platform from which Service Console concept has been removed. ESXi Server uses DCUI (Direct Console User Interface) in place of Service Console.
Any management agents, third party agents, hardware agents or Host processes of ESXi servers directly run through VMkernel.

For Understanding VMware terminologies or technicality behind concepts of Service Console, DCUI (Direct Console User Interface), and VMkernel, please refer my another article given below:

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