Saturday, 27 February 2016

What is Difference between Service Console, (DCUI) Direct Console User Interface, and VMkernel?

Or, Explain Service Console, DCUI (Direct Console User Interface) and VMkernel in VMware.

Or, Understanding VMware terminologies or technicality behind concepts of Service Console, DCUI (Direct Console User Interface), and VMkernel.

Service Console: Service console conceptually is a command line interface for the modified version of Linux which is ESX Server. This Service console provides almost all kind of manageability, troubleshooting, and monitoring interface for ESX servers.

Direct Console User Interface: DCUI allows users to have direct access of the ESXi hosts for numerous management and administrative tasks. Tasks like IP configurations, Troubleshooting, Logs collection or management network configurations can be performed on DCUI console.

VMkernel: VMkernel is responsible for handling TCP/IP stack traffic for some ESXi services like vSphere vMotion, Host Management, NFS and ISCSI.
VMkernel is used for management network in VMware networking architecture. 

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