Sunday, 10 July 2016

How to Configure DNS server in Windows Server 2012?

Or, Configure DNS Server in Server 2012?


1. To configure DNS Server, Open Administrative Tools > Click on DNS.

2. Now I will Configure DNS Server. The way I’ll configure DNS Will run or Resolve requested query

3. DNS Server configure wizard will open, Click “Next” to continue.

4. We can choose any of the three types of DNS Zone According to network infrastructure setup;-
Forward lookup Zone – This DNS zone helps to FQDN or Hostname resolve to IP address resolution.
Reverse Lookup Zone – this DNS Zone helps to resolve IP address to FQDN or Hostname.
Root Hints Only          - Root hints only will not create a database of name records for lookups.

5. So We have to make sure that this server will maintain the DNS Zone. So Select “The Server Maintain the Zone”. After click on “Next”

6. Give your Domain Name like “

7. We have done a Active Directory Setup. So We need Dynamic Updated in Windows Infrastructure for DNS. To full fill this requirement we have to select “Allow only Secure Dynamic Updates”

8. If DNS server gets a query and its having no records. So If DNS Query forwarder is configured here then It will be forwarded to another resolver.
For Example I am put for Internet based query
Note – In below figure unable to resolve error coming, because internet connection not active.

9. So Now DNS Server is configured for

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