Monday, 11 July 2016

How to restore a Crashed WSUS Server?

How to Move WSUS Patch Logs and Database from One Drive to Another Drive?

Today My WSUS Server was suddenly showing low disk space in WSUS database drive. After little investigation I decided to move the WSUS Content data from Lower Disk Space Drive to Newly Created Larger Disk Space Drive. I did the following to get it up and running:-
Note: - You must create the new path for local WSUS update storage prior to using WSUSutil.exe
For Example: - If you want WSUS database/contents to moved in New Drive F:\ then you should create a path in this Drive like: - F:\WSUS
> First Go to WSUS Installation Drive: \Program Files\Microsoft Windows Server Update Services\Tools
> Make Sure WSUSutil.exe is available here.
> Now go to Run > Type CMD > Locate to \Tools\WSUSUtil.exe
> Now Run the following command: - wsusutil.exe movecontent F:\WSUS\ F:\move.log
Once you will execute the above command, CMD prompt will look like below:-

Leave this window UN-interrupted till it completed successfully. Hope it will help you…CHEERS....

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