Saturday, 2 July 2016

Word is waiting for an OLE action to finish.

Or, Word is waiting for an OLE action to finish in MS office 2016.
Or, MS Word 2016 error “Word is waiting for an OLE action to finish”.

Problem Descriptions: I had installed MS office 2016 today in my laptop after a complete format. The very strange things I noticed after MS office installation was, when I was trying to copy any image in Word file, it was giving me this error. It was too much frustrating as the error was not going away easily, even if you click on cancel, Switch to, or Retry options, its keeps on hanging…

Error Screenshot:

Yes, its silly but the trick that worked for me was, DISK CLEANUP of drive C:\. Please perform Disk Cleanup of drive C:\ and the problem should be resolved.

To perform Disk Cleanup, follow the steps below:
Go to C:\ drive Properties > Click on Disk Cleanup > Select everything that can contain Temporary files-as per your best knowledge > Click on Cleanup System Files > Wait for Cleanup to be completed (its going to take some time, keep calm) > Reboot your computer

That’s it.. Cheers.. If you are still facing this problem, you can try SFC /SCANOW command.