Tuesday 25 October 2016

How to export the exception members list of a Moderated DL in Office356 server?

Or, PowerShell command to export the exception list of a moderated DL in Office365 server.

Descriptions: If you have enabled moderation on some sensitive DLs and want to verify who all are excluded from being moderated, you can use below PowerShell command to export the list of exceptions defined under DL moderation settings.

Connect to office365 server PowerShell admin console with administrative privilege.
Run below command to get the list:

Get-DistributionGroup -Identity "MyModeratedDLName" | Select-Object bypass* |Export-Csv D:\list.csv

Note: you can replace the ‘MyModeratedDLName’ with your moderated DL name as per your requirements. Also, you can specify the export path as per your convenient.

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