Saturday 7 January 2017

Installing vCenter Server 6.0 on Windows Server with embedded Platform Services Controller

Or, How to install vCenter Server 6.0 on windows server 2012 R2?
Or, vCenter Server 6.0 installations guide step by step….

Descriptions: In this article we are going to see, how we can install vCenter Server 6.0 on windows server operating system platform including embedded platform service controller. If you have larger infrastructure of Virtual Servers, you can think to have separate platform service controller but if you have 50-100 or 200 VMs approx, its good to go with single vCenter server with inbuilt platform service controller.

Steps: (Installing vCenter Server 6.0)

Open the vCenter Installer > Right Click on the Autorun Application > Run As Administrator > Click OK if prompted

Select vCenter Server for Windows > Click on Install

Click Next

Accept the license agreement > Click Next

Select vCenter Server and Embedded Platform Services Controller > Click Next

On this screen, make sure the System name is appearing as local machine’s FQDN > Click Next

Select Create a new vCenter Single Sign-on domain > fill the all required fields as per your environment > Click Next

Better to go with option Specify a user service account > Use any privileged account as per your requirement > Make sure the user account you are using here is member of local admin group on the local system > Click Next

Click Use an Embedded Database or if you want to use any external database, it’s your choice..., I am going with default

Leave all field to default and Click Next

Choose the Installation directory or leave it to default and Click Next

Click Next

Click Install

Wait for Installation to be completed……

Click Finish to close the installation Wizard

To verify of the installation is done correctly, you can use vSphere client to login to your vCenter Server..

For the first time login, you can use following details to connect your vCenter server:
IP/Host Name:  Your vCenter server IP
User Name:        administrator@vsphere.local
Password:           the password you gave while installation of vCenter server.

After successful logon, this is how it will look like..

Cheers, have a happy virtualization… Please write me back for any query or feedback….

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