Sunday 22 January 2017

Managing Global Catalog Servers best practices

Or, should we keep Global Catalog and Infrastructure Master server roles on one Domain Controller?
Or, is it good have Infrastructure master role and Global catalog server role in one Domain Controller server?

Descriptions: This is one of the most common and most ignored scenario where either people don’t take it seriously or don’t design the Active Directory domain in an efficient manner. When you are running too many DCs in your large domain environment, you must check for these common best practices as to where to keep your FSMO roles holders and how to design their architectural placements.

Guys, in a small domain environment you may not face challenges where you have one DC and one ADC, but if you have more than one ADC in your domain environment, you should never keep Global Catalog server and Infrastructure Master role on same DC/single server.

It’s because, there may be many issue while replicating new changes at Infrastructure level due to priority and communication conflicts between Infrastructure master and global catalog servers. Global Catalog server automatically receives all updates happened in the forest. Infrastructure master role then takes these updates from Global catalog server and replicate it to cross domain DCs.

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