Wednesday, 18 January 2017

VMware converter tool error “The File System On "Datastore1" Does Not Support File This Large. Please Check the File System Block Size.”

Or, P2V conversion error “the file system on datastore1 does not support file this large. please check the file system block size.”

Descriptions: This error was encountered while performing P2V conversion of a Physical server containing large storage capacity (more than 6-7 TB of drive capacity).

The error screenshot (how it looks like):

Possible reasons of this error:
1. One of the volume size on this server is more than 2TB (Here I am referring to whole Volume Size of one of the RAID volume configured in this server on hardware level).

Example:  It’s possible that one of the RAID volume on your physical server is having 4TB of total capacity. This 3TB RAID volume may have multiple logical disk partitions inside the OS e.g. D, E, F etc…).

2. The VMware Converter tool you are using is not the latest one as per your VMware vSphere Infra.

1. Use latest version of VMware Converter tool.
2. Instead of default option, use Advance Feature of Data Copy Type Selection
3. Use only occupied disk conversion method selection. To do this, you can edit data copy option (shown in error screenshot) and choose only occupied disk. Don’t be afraid, you can easily increase the partitions size once this physical machine is converted in Virtual Machine.

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