Wednesday 26 December 2018

What is EVC in VMware, and how to enable it?

Or, What is EVC in VMware?
Or, How to enabled EVC in VMware?

What is EVC in VMware?
EVC stands for Enhanced vMotion Compatibility. It is used for enabling hardware compatibility between different hardware types of ESXi hosts so that we can easily migrate Virtual machines from one to another host even if the hardware of ESXi hosts are different.

If EVC is not enabled, you can't migrate a Virtual machine to an ESXi host which is having different hardware version with compare to another ESXi host.

Simply we can say that EVC ensures that all hosts in a cluster are VMotion compatible, even if they are not from the same hardware category.

How to enable EVC (Enhanced vMotion Compatibility) in VMware ESXi Cluster?
Few easy steps and you are done with EVC configuration for your ESXi cluster.

IMP Note: Before enabling EVC mode, you must shutdown your all VMs of that particular ESXi host on which you are going to enable EVC mode and migrate VMs to another ESXi host/cluster if possible.

- Log in to vCenter Server by using VMware vSphere Client
- Right Click on your Virtual Datacentre Cluster
- Go to Edit Settings
- Select VMware EVC in the left Panel
- Click on Change button to edit the EVC settings
- Select appropriate EVC settings for your Virtual Environment from the drop-down list...
- If validation succeeded with your desired CPU selection for EVC, you should be happy...
- Click OK twice to EVC mode dialog box and cluster setting dialog box...
- Power on your ESXi host.
- Migrate VMs from another host to this host to check if things are done correctly

You are done now... cheers…

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