Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Export all groups with members list - GSuite

Or, How to export all GSuite groups with members list using GAM tool?
Or, Using GAM tool to export GSuite groups list with members
Or, Export GSuite groups with all members including all other details
Or, Export members, managers, created date, owners, name etc… of all groups in GSuite using GAM tool

Descriptions: GSuite is not having any feasibility on web GUI to export groups list in to a CSV file along with members, however, you can export groups one by one with members list from group’s properties advanced settings. This becomes really tedious when you have a large list of groups though.

To achieve this, you may think of trying GAM tool available at GitHub.

If you already have GAM tool installed on your machines, you may try the command given below to export all groups in a CSV file with the name and email addresses.

Steps: Exporting groups with members list into a CSV file

Open CMD and Locate to the directory where GAM tool is installed

Type the command given below and hit enter
gam print groups name description admincreated id aliases members owners managers settings > D:\temp\groups.csv

You can change the destination directory to your own convenient path. In my case its D:\temp

Cheers, write me back if you have any query or feedback on this.

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