Wednesday 2 January 2019

What is "Archive Attributes" in windows backup?

Or, How ‘Archive Attributes’ helps in windows level folders/files backup

Archive Attributes: This is a technology which helps backups to be performed in the way we required. Archive attributes set an identity on file/folder or data as which file/folder or data have been backed up in last recent backup performed and which has not been backed up yet...

Archive Attributes Status (Before Backup): All files and folder will be having "Check Mark Enabled" on "Folder is ready for archiving" option.

If the check mark is there, means this folder/file has not been backed up yet.  You can refer the below screenshot for reference or you can verify it on your computer's data by going to that folder's Properties > General Tab > Advance Option

Archive Attributes Status (After Backup): All files and folders will be having "Check Mark Cleared" on "Folder is ready for archiving option".

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